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Welcome to Yarra Valley Cycles

Why Yarra Valley Cycles?


Yarra Valley Cycles is Victoria's Premier Mountain Bike Specialist. Ash, Alex & the amazing team at Yarra Valley Cycles have dedicated their time to hand choose & stock the broadest range of Bikes, Parts, Accessories, Clothing & Gear to suit any riding genre or budget. Our large store is a specialist MTB store, we have dedicated our effort to offering the best range of Mountain Bikes and gear from the best brands.

Major stockists of Giant, Kona, Norco, Santa Cruz, Merida & Pivot MTB's + DK, GT, CHASE, COLONY, ACADEMY & KINK BMX offers us an amazing range of bikes that covers almost all forms of cycling. Our Knowledgeable & Experienced workshop staff are experts in all things bike, these guys have completed all of the relevant training to ensure they are well equipped to service almost any bicycle component.

Our Leading Brands

Giant at Yarra Valley Cycles

Giant, Our No1 brand and proud of it... Yarra Valley Cycles is a Giant Dual Suspension specialist. We are Victoria's biggest stockist of Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes, and GIANT bikes lead the charge for our comprehensive product offering. Looking for a Giant Anthem, Trance 27.5, 29", E-Bike, Reign or Glory? We most likely have it or its at our fingertips within days. The Giant brand has been a long time fixture in the YVC line-up, with a long standing Giant/YVC DH MTB Race Team, and the most comprehensive Demo Bike range in Victoria, offering demo bikes from almost all Dual Suspension MTB platforms. The right advice, right product & an un-parralelled service is our aim, earning YVC's stripes as Victoria's No1 Independent Giant Maestro Resource Store.

Kona's at Yarra Valley Cycles

We are proud to be one of Australia's biggest "and best" Kona Bicycles Dealers. Our long standing relationship with Kona stems back 15 years where both Alex & Ash raced on Kona DH Bikes throughout Victoria & Australia. We love this brand with its Canadian heritage that demands bikes that hold up to the relentless km's of Canadian trail. Street Cred, radness and intelligence sets up any Kona rider for success. There is no other bicycle company like this, where 2 passionate owners, with a vision for amazing bikes, manage to break the mould of corporate pressure to simply make bikes that they love and that work. There is so much stoke for the Kona brand & we love representing the amazing bikes & chilled vibes the legends at Kona bring to our industry. Check out the most comprehensive range of Kona Bikes all in store at YVC...

Norco at Yarra Valley Cycles

Norco offer our broadest bike range, from Kids bikes, Dirt Jump Bikes, Hardtail MTB's, Gravel & Cyclocross, E-Bikes & one of our most comprehensive Dual Suspension ranges, the Norco brand offers a bike for everyone. As Canada's biggest bicycle brand, we are proud to represent Norco bikes in Victoria. Canadian back-country pedigree is fused in the makeup of the Norco product, with practicality, durability and affordability that rivals the biggest players in the market. YVC have a heap of respect for the Norco brand, demonstrated by the huge commitment we make to represent them on the floor year after year.

Santa Cruz at Yarra Valley Cycles

YVC are 1 of just a handful carefully selected retailers that represent the Santa Cruz brand in Victoria. We are stoked to be chosen by Santa Cruz be a retail partner in Victoria, meaning we are able to stock arguably the best brand on the market. Santa Cruz are Un-Parralled in the MTB industry, the Santa Cruz brand is one one of the most sought after Bike brands in the World. The perfect finish, an never ending commitment to quality, and Research & development that leads the way in technology, branding, quality and performance.

Merida is a relatively new brand to YVC, with their E-Bikes leading the charge for Value, quality & performance is was impossible not to introduce their bikes to our growing E-Bike line-up. As a MTB specialist store we feel we have the best experience & knowledge of all of the components of the Dual Suspension MTB range & with the growth of Electric Bike options, we see it fitting that we offer the best range available to us. Merida offer this range, with popular models like E160, E120, EBIG9 Hardtail's & Espresso Hybrids. We are proud to be able to offer one of the best value E-Bikes to our local customers.

GT is one of our strongest BMX Race & kids bikes brands, and as of 2018 with the introduction of the new LTS Suspension platform we have expanded our GT Bicycles offering with a whole range of new Dual Suspension Bikes that are packed with value & performance. The GT brand is synonymous with Aussie Mountain Bikers, with a long standing DH race pedigree & now an amazing range that compliments the brands strength. Check out bikes like the New GT Force and Sensor...

liv bicycles offer a comprehensive range of women-specific bicycles, they are the sister brand of giant, meaning they offer unrivaled performance and value, yet are able to focus on making bikes that accommodate for the specific needs of women. Liv is the first brand with a comprehensive collection designed specifically for female cyclists, ranging from beautiful apparel to premium bicycles. No matter the rider’s level or style, Liv provides the best products to help women discover new possibilities through cycling.

HaiBike & Sinus Electric bikes are the leaders in German Electric Bike Engineering. Both brands commonly comprise of Bosch powered motors and are packed with technology & performance that sets them apart from all other Electric Bike offerings. HaiBike offer technology like Powertube, SES sprocket Equalising System & Gravity Cast. Sinus Bikes offer an Electric Hybrid Range that is packed with amazing features, low step thru models, solid racks, Large Battery wattage & all the creature comforts & style you would expect of a flagship German engineered Bicycle brand.


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